Nuclear Mud Environmental Impact Assessment Must Be Independent

Following news that EDF has stated that they will carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment before carrying out any dumping of sediment from Hinkley Point nuclear power station, campaigners have expressed alarm at its lack of independence. Continue reading

Boxing Legend Steve Robinson Joins Propel Wales

Welsh boxing legend and former WBO Featherweight Champion, Steve Robinson, has joined Propel Wales.  Continue reading

Nuclear Mud Petition Soars Past 10K

780,000 tonnes of sediment from nuclear plant set to be dumped just one mile from Wales’ capital city. The controversial topic is now up for debate in the Welsh Parliament.  Continue reading

Increase property renaming fee to save Welsh place names

HAPPY DONKEY HILL. NAMELESS CWM. DIM DIOLCH. Two Propel members of Gwynedd Council and a Propel Porthmadog Town Councillor have launched a campaign for the property renaming fee in Gwynedd to be dramatically increased in order to protect Welsh place names. Councillors Peter Read, Dylan Bullard and Jason Humphries launched the campaign after the Labour Welsh Government voted against passing national legislation to protect historic Welsh place names. Continue reading

Propel Councillors call for bonus payment to municipal work teams

The Propel Council Group has written to the Leader of Gwynedd Council calling for them to pay a bonus to municipal work teams, in line with other local authorities, in recognition for their work throughout the COVID crisis. The Plaid Cymru administration has decided against paying a bonus. Continue reading

Smaller Class Sizes, local schools and a Multilingual, Confident Wales

Neil McEvoy, Leader of Propel Wales, is proposing that teaching three languages from day one of school, should be the norm in Wales. Mr McEvoy has introduced three amendments to a Plaid Cymru debate in the Senedd on education. The amendments call for investment for Welsh language immersion courses, teaching a modern foreign language from Year 1 of school and for support for class sizes to be cut to 20 children. Continue reading


Cllr Peter Read, the Leader of the Propel Group on Gwynedd Council has launched a petition to scrap LDPs in Wales. Continue reading


Propel leader, Neil McEvoy MS introduced the amendment to The Economy and Covid-19 Debate in the Senedd today. It calls for the Welsh Government to protect businesses by taking immediate action on the Covid-19 business rate relief and supporting those in the hospitality sector who are being currently charged full rent during lockdown.  Continue reading

Propel Calls for a Welsh Constitution for All

Propel Leader Neil McEvoy called on the Welsh Government to support writing a Welsh Constitution and a bill of Rights. The Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central asked a topical question in the Senedd about community cohesion in light of the murder of George Floyd in the US.  Continue reading

Second Gwynedd Councillor joins the Propel

Cllr Peter Read, who represents Abererch ward, has announced that he has joined Propel. He becomes the second Gwynedd Councillor to do so, after Cllr Dylan Bullard joined the party in April. Propel was formed at the beginning of this year and already boasts seven Councillors across three local authorities, as well as one member of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament). Continue reading