Propel Fights to Save Green Spaces

Propel stands in solidarity with communities all across Wales who are fighting tooth and nail with local authorities over the preservation of their communal green spaces. All too often we are seeing the pleas and petitions of welsh citizens amount to nothing, and community voice bulldozed over. Propel has pledged to enshrine 'The Planning for Wales Act' which a Propel Government would Reform Local Development Plans, give protection of green fields and spaces, and introduce a right of appeal for residents against disputed developments.

The Growing for Wales Act

Propel has pledged to enshrine 'The Growing for Wales Act' which a Propel Government would legalise the medicinal use of cannabis and cannabinoids through the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG), with all cannabis-based medicines grown and produced in Wales. The reported medicinal benefits of CBD compounds are too numerous to name, but could make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of many. Propel would also champion for an industry right here in Wales and give farmers a chance to cash in on this crop through the production of CBD oils and derivatives such as hemp fibres. We believe Wales should not be reliant on big pharma and foreign corporations who ultimately dominate our markets. Let's make this a truly Made in Wales industry that we can be proud of.

Propel Leads Fight To Re-Open Recycling Centre

Cardiff Propel Councillors are leading the fight to re-open the Council Recycling Centre in the Fairwater area of Cardiff. The Propel Group put an amendment to Cardiff Council  to re-open the former recycling centre at Waungron Road. The Propel Group also supported a no confidence motion in Cardiff’s bungling Labour Council cabinet over the chaos around waste collection across the city. The Waungron Rd site was controversially shut in 2014 and has cost the Council nearly £1 million since to keep closed. In a local referendum, a massive 1869 Fairwater residents voted to re-open the Centre, with just 4 wanting it to remain closed.       Continue reading

Crowdfunding Bid to Sue Carmarthenshire Council

Couple Facing Eviction Launch Crowdfunder to sue Plaid Carmarthenshire County Council Patricia Breckman and Eddie Roberts have launched a crowd funder to sue Carmarthenshire County Council. The couple’s ordeal began in 2003, when they bought their property next to what searches said was a farm. It turned out to be an industrial plant, which was denied by Carmarthenshire County Council for years. There also followed a long period of harassment, with Patricia being arrested 6 times, thrown in cells and once threatened with an intimate strip body search. In 2012 the former Local Government Ombudsman for Wales found that Patricia and Eddie had suffered an injustice and a full apology was given by Dyfed Powys Police in 2015. It was expected that Carmarthenshire County Council would review the case and come to an arrangement with the couple. This has not happened and will not happen. Patricia and Eddie now face a hearing on Monday 26th July 2021 for repossession of their home. Due to the planning issues, the pair were unable to move forward with business plans, for which they had borrowed money.  Without the projected business income, they have not been able to repay the loan they took out to develop their proposed business.   Patricia and Eddie face their first court appearance on Monday 26th July.   Continue reading

Propel Looks Forward To The 2022 Council Elections

We were delighted to fight the 2021 Senedd elections on a strong platform of wanting real change for Wales with some excellent candidates all keen to see Propel policies enacted to facilitate an exciting change in the political landscape of Wales. Thousands turned out to vote Propel all across Wales and we now need to build on those foundations and make real progress in the 2022 local council elections in Wales. If you are keen to see an end to the Labour/Plaid led stagnation in local government now is the time to help bring real change to Wales. You might want to apply to be a candidate or you may be keen to get out in your local community delivering the Propel message on the doorsteps of Wales. We would be delighted to see you join us and help Propel make a real breakthrough in changing Welsh politics forever!

Propel Calls for tough rules on corporate lobbying

Wales’ new political party Propel has stated it will implement tough control of lobbying, if in government after May. Propel's Contract with Wales includes a Public Services Accountability Act, with rules on corporate lobbying a key element.  The Act reads that Propel will,  “ Enact a mandatory lobbying register, meaning all corporate lobbyists must record details of their lobbying, its purpose, their clients and how much money was involved.” Continue reading

Former miner Jeff Gregory to fight for the Rhondda with Propel

Former miner, Jeff Gregory, has been selected by Propel to fight for the Rhondda seat in the Welsh Parliament elections this May. Jeff was born and raised in the Rhondda and was a third generation miner, before the mines were closed by the Conservatives and Labour. Speaking about his selection, Jeff said: “The Rhondda is a place like nowhere else on earth. The people here are tough, hard working and proud. But politicians have let Rhondda down. We have become the forgotten valley. The Senedd was created to make the lives of the people of Wales better, but there is still tremendous poverty and deprivation. Continue reading

Propel Selects Regional Candidates for South Wales West

Propel has selected four candidates to fight the South Wales West region in the May 6th Senedd elections. The lead candidate is Propel Chair and Bridgend Propel Group Leader, Councillor Tim Thomas. Dr Gail John is second on the list, with James Henton, a Neath based International Politics student, in third. Continue reading

Propel officially registered as a political party

Wales’ newest political party, Propel, has been officially registered with the Electoral Commission. The decision means candidates from the party will stand in the Senedd elections in May under the Propel banner. Continue reading

Propel leader calls for illegal service charge payments to be returned to tenants

The Welsh Parliament’s Legal Services has raised serious concerns over the legality of the Labour Welsh Government’s amendments to its own Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill, which will be voted on this Wednesday. The amendments would apply to Registered Social Landlords and Community Landlords, such as Housing Associations. But, in a briefing note to Members of the Senedd, the Parliament’s Legal Services have questioned whether the Welsh Government has powers over Registered Social Landlords. Continue reading