Propel Wales is a grassroots movement that campaigns for individual, community and national sovereignty for Wales.

We're an independent organisation without ties to any political party.

We work in communities across the country to tackle corruption, re-industrialise Wales for the 21st Century, to reach out to all those who have been let down and left behind by the Welsh political establishment and to deliver a united Wales.

To find out more about our values please read the Propel Statement.

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    Welsh National Party set to launch in April

    Welsh National Party

    A new political party is set to launch in Cardiff on 3rd of April. The party is led by Assembly Member Neil McEvoy.

    Speaking ahead of the launch, Mr McEvoy said:

    “We are entering an exciting new era in Welsh politics where people are crying out for change.

    “Wales is a country with so much potential. There’s an opportunity to build a nation based on individual, community and national sovereignty”.

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    Public outcry over Ombudsman investigation into Neil McEvoy

    Public outcry over investigation into Neil McEvoy

    There has been a public outcry on social media over an investigation by the Public Services Ombudsman into Neil McEvoy AM.

    The investigation has come about after a private care home, which cannot be named for legal reasons, complained about Mr McEvoy to the Ombudsman. The company claimed Mr McEvoy had been too “demanding” when he approached the business after the Assembly Member received allegations of abuse against a child in their care. The Ombudsman then investigated and referred the case to the Standards & Ethics Committee at Cardiff Council, where Mr McEvoy is also a Councillor.

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