Propel, Wales’ newest political party, led by Cardiff Councillor Neil McEvoy sends its support and solidarity to all those attending today’s protest.

The Labour Government in Wales that has systematically worn down the farming industry for years. From the alleged ‘Sustainable’ Farming Scheme to the handling of bovine TB, and the proposed requirement for all farms to ensure 10% tree coverage in exchange for future funding, our farming communities are being failed.

Some assessments have suggested that the Labour government in Wales’ plans could lead to at least a 10% reduction in livestock numbers and 11% cut in labour.

This would be disastrous for the Welsh farming industry, for our rural communities, and our country.

The First Minister’s recent offensive comments towards the farming community demonstrated his lack of respect, his lack of understanding, and his lack of goodwill.

Farmers and their families have been the guardians of our land for generations. The backbone of our rural communities, the local economy, and the Welsh language.

It is yet another example of how out of touch Labour is. But how can First Minister Mark Drakeford, the millionaire from Pontcanna, be expected to understand the farmer's world?

Lack of recognition or judgment that each farm is unique, their requirements and circumstances are different from each other. The future of our farmers is not a tick-in-the-box exercise. It is intertwined with the future of our country.

The Labour Government in Wales is driving World Economic Forum-inspired policies at the expense of our communities. The Net Zero Agenda underpinning these policies has no regard for food security. Food prices will go up and less of it will be available.

Instead of attacking those who produce our food, Propel believes farmers need our support to drive us towards a food-independent Wales, which is the key to future sustainability. Why haven’t we haven’t seen Labour exerting its power and influence to promote buying Welsh produce, unfair supermarket food purchase pricing for farmers, or unregulated imported food? Where has it been to defend the farmers, and their interests, which are the interests of our whole nation?

Organisations like Sustrans, 3rd sector cronies, and lobbyists have the ear of Labour Ministers.

We call out Labour and their enablers Plaid Cymru: for allowing these policies under the guise of their 'Co-operation Agreement'. They are enabling the destruction of Welsh farming communities.

Farmers work exceptionally hard, long thankless hours, to feed us. Where does Labour think the food on our tables comes from every day?

Farming has always been a physically demanding job, and now for many farmers, it has become difficult to see any future in it, which now looks bleak and uncertain.

Wales hardly produces anything anymore. Food production is one industry that has survived despite everything. Which other country would purposefully attempt to decimate one of its major industries?

So many industries depend on farming, without it, it will have a domino effect that will ripple throughout Wales. The Labour Government in Wales is paying farmers to leave the industry, with a scheme that provides a lump sum payment, to allow farmers to exit the sector: it is absolute madness.

For too long this government has undervalued our farmers and their invaluable contribution to our nation. It’s time to rectify this.

Propel supports communities having more control over their future. Who knows agriculture and nature best: Welsh farmers or the bureaucratic suits of Cardiff Bay?

Propel unequivocally supports the farmers' call for fair play: enough really is enough.

Propel Leader Neil McEvoy said,

“The 1980s saw the Conservative Government in London attacking the miners, destroying a core Welsh industry and our urban communities. In the 2020s, we see a Labour Government in Cardiff attacking our farmers and setting about destroying our agricultural communities.

"Propel stands with Welsh farmers and we support their resistance to Soviet-style politics of Labour and its enablers in Wales.”