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Welcome to Propel

Propel is a grassroots political party that campaigns for individual, community and national sovereignty for Wales.

We work in communities across the country to tackle corruption, re-industrialise Wales for the 21st Century, to reach out to all those who have been let down and left behind by the Welsh political establishment, and to deliver a united Wales.

To find out more about our values please read the Propel Statement.

  • Latest from the blog

    Propels Local Contract with Wales 2022

    Local Contract with Wales 2022Cytundeb Lleol Gyda Chymru 2022 Our local communities are crying out for a can-do, common-sense approach, with more transparency and accountability in local government. After a difficult two years, Welsh communities are emerging from the restrictions of the pandemic, into rapid change and uncertainty.Rapid rises in the cost of fuel, increases in Council tax and inflation mean that many are now struggling to make ends meet. There are clear challenges out there facing our communities. Propel proposes to deal with the issues of 2022 head on with our Local Contract with Wales 2022. Mae ein cymunedau, fwy nag erioed angen arweiniad rhagweithiol yn seiliedig ar synnwyr cyffredin, gyda mwy o dryloywder ac atebolrwydd mewn llywodraeth leol. Ar ôl dwy flynedd anodd, mae cymunedau Cymru yn symud allan o gyfyngiadau’r pandemig, ac yn wynebu newidiadau mawr a chyfnod o ansicrwydd.Mae codiadau sylweddol yng nghostau tanwydd, cynnydd yn y Dreth Gyngor a chwyddiant yn golygu bod llawer bellach yn ei chael hi'n anodd cael dau ben llinyn ynghyd. Mae heriau amlwg yn wynebu ein cymunedau. Mae ymateb yn uniongyrchol i’r sialensiau hynny wrth galon ein Cytundeb Lleol Gyda Chymru 2022.
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    The Rotten Heart of Welsh Politics

    THE ROTTEN HEART OF WELSH POLITICS   In May 2016, I made the mistake of thinking that as a Plaid Cymru Politician, I had been elected to hold the Government to account and to be an opposition politician. I quickly found out that my job was to not rock the boat, not to expose scandals, but to toe the line.  Plaid Cymru was furious when I asked questions about Deryn’s client ACT obtaining £113 million from the Welsh Government.  https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/ofcom-wales-under-fire-after-12649696
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