Propel Supports Ceasefire in Gaza

Propel Leader Neil McEvoy said,
"Thousands of children have been killed in Gaza and more will die unless there is an immediate cease fire and humanitarian operation to save lives. 
The murderous violence from the Israeli Government in response to the murderous violence from Hamas will feed more terror, more hatred and more killing for generations to come. 
There will come a time when people will have to talk and agree, or talk to agree to disagree. 
There will never be peace in the Middle East until the injustice of Palestine is resolved. Fanatics on both sides feed off each other and offer nothing towards any just future. 
There is only one race of people on our planet Earth and that is the human race. We fail to recognise that at our peril.
I'm appalled that political Leaders in the UK and Wales are not supporting a cease fire. Sunak and Starmer should hang their heads in shame. 
The thoughts and prayers from all members of Propel goes out to innocent people suffering right now in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank."