FAIR PLAY FOR ELY petition presented at Cardiff Council meeting

PROPEL Councillor, Neil McEvoy, will present a petition supported by over 200 Ely residents at a full council meeting to be held tonight [Thursday 26 October], calling on Cardiff Council to refurbish the play area at Mill Park (Bowling Pavilion), on Plymouthwood Road and to allow staff to lock the gate for security of the children at the local nursery. 

The park, which has been gated off and out of use to the public since March 2020, has become a target for vandalism and anti-social behaviour and is a visual reminder of the chronic neglect and lack of investment in Ely over generations.

The petition calls on the Labour led Council to take urgent action to provide high quality play opportunities for the children of Ely, as offered to others across the city.

Maggie Allen, an Ely resident who lives near Mill Park said, 

“The state of the park is an absolute disgrace; it is not only an eyesore but also a magnet for anti-social behaviour. There are very few playgrounds in Ely, and Mill Park is the only one within reasonable walking distance for children living in this area. We need this playground back in use, not locked up and out of action. It's time for Labour to open Mill Park and let our children play!"

Neil McEvoy, Propel Leader added,

"This Labour Cardiff Council promotes itself as a Child Friendly City: a city with children and young people at its heart. In respect of Mill Park playground, this couldn't be further from the truth.

"The United Nations Charter Article 31 states that all children have the right to play: I would ask, where can the children living in this part of Ely play? They, like all children in Cardiff, deserve fair play and equal opportunities.

"Mill Park's current sorry state just sends a very clear message that Labour doesn't care about Ely. Ely really does deserve better."