Welsh National Party set to launch in April

Welsh National Party

A new political party is set to launch in Cardiff on 3rd of April. The party is led by Assembly Member Neil McEvoy.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Mr McEvoy said:

“We are entering an exciting new era in Welsh politics where people are crying out for change.

“Wales is a country with so much potential. There’s an opportunity to build a nation based on individual, community and national sovereignty”.

The WNP has already been registered with the Electoral Commission and has confirmed that it intends to stand in seats across Wales in the 2021 elections to the Senedd (Welsh Parliament).

Mr McEvoy continued:

“It’s a really exciting time for Wales. Our nation has a growing confidence and a growing recognition that it’s time for change.

“We’re in a situation where we’ve had the same two parties governing Wales for two decades. They’re completely out of touch with the public and so the Labour/Plaid Cymru regime must come to an end.

“We have the chance now to stand on our own two feet, to have a party that reflects the modern Wales we live in and to see Wales take its rightful place on the world stage.

“At an individual, community and national level the WNP plans to put power back into people’s hands.

“We know it’s not right that so many people struggle to get housing, that our schools and hospitals are often in crisis.

“The Welsh people deserve better than this and it’s time for them to stand up. We’ve been overlooked for too long, while our government has let us down for too long. So where we see wrongdoing we will robustly challenge it. Where we see corruption we will bring it to an end.

“It’s time to put Wales’ future in Wales’ hands. It’s time for the WNP.”