Successful Launch of New Group Propel


Successful Launch of New Group Propel

Last Monday was an exciting night for Welsh democracy as the new group Propel officially launched. Propel is a grassroots movement that campaigns for sovereignty on an individual, community and national level.

A diverse audience of one hundred and fifty people from all across Wales filled the Grand Hall of the Exchange Hotel, Cardiff. Guests came to find out more about Propel and listen to what each of the speakers had to say on ways forward for Wales.

The event was opened and chaired by Secretary of Plaid’s Women’s Section, Jacqui Hurst. She thanked the Exchange Hotel for hosting the event and welcomed the audience to the event.

Bethan Phillips, an activist from Neath commenced the speeches. She talked about her experiences of growing up knowing nothing but devolved Wales. She stressed the importance of having a range of opinions, both on an individual and national level.  

“What is really exciting about this evening, is that we each have our own individual story, and I am inspired to see such a diverse audience here.

“A range of voices and opinions are essential ingredients to any flourishing modern democracy. Different ideas take us forward. They contribute to our development as an individual, as a community and as a nation.

“I believe that politics in Wales needs to be shaken up, because in my lifetime and in devolved Wales, there has only been one Party governing Wales. A reshuffle of ideas and administration is essential to Wales reaching its full potential.”

Heledd Gwyndaf, a Welsh language advocate, spoke about the threat of colonisation and how the Welsh culture and language is suffering because of a lack of national confidence. She also spoke of the need for Wales to be able to make its own laws.

“The last few years have offered many opportunities – it’s been the perfect storm – but I fear that none of our leaders, in any political party, have seen fit to take them.

“I’d like to thank Neil McEvoy for recognising that need and trying to fix the vehicle that can take us there. “At the moment, we have almost been completely colonised.

Neil McEvoy, Independent Assembly Member for South Wales Central ended the speeches and was left with a standing ovation from the audience. He spoke of the forward thinking and confident aims of the new group and what it would do to help the grass-roots in Wales.

“Wales can stand on its own two feet and be successful but more than that we have a duty and responsibility to govern our own country,” he said.

“We will push for a referendum on Welsh national sovereignty with international recognition as soon as a majority in the Welsh Parliament is achieved.

“Propel will organise events, rallies and mobilisation of supporters. It will train you to go out and win elections.

“We are going to help people who support Propel’s aims to get active and get their voices heard. We’ll campaign and get the public interested in what we’re doing.”

Propel Wales will now be visiting communities around Wales. The next event will be taking place in Pembrokeshire on Monday 4th June at .