Please join us on Monday as we take part in a town hall-style meeting online about the continued dumping of potentially radioactive material off the Welsh coast. Take part in our Zoom call or watch live on facebook.

⚠️ In 2018, the Labour-led government in Wales allowed the dumping of 120,000 tonnes of ‘nuclear mud’into the sea, just two miles from our capital city.

⚠️ Today, 780,000 tonnes of sediment is set to be dumped as part of building work for the nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

⚠️ A full Environmental Impact Assessment has never been carried out. 

Join Neil McEvoy MS for our 🚫STOP DUMPING IN WALES!🚫  online public meeting 

We can't have our meeting in person, so we have to find new ways to meet and listen to each other. We want to hear from you and take your questions – 


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Will you come?