Scrap LDPs

👉🏼Join us on Tuesday 16 June to call for a total re-think of planning policy in Wales and SCRAPPING Local Development Plans

Wales is about to face the worst recession in living memory due to the coronavirus pandemic and poor handling of the crisis from Westminster and Cardiff Bay.

Governments and local authorities must re-evaluate how they go about their business and prioritise on the needs of the people. It's time to open up the conversation about planning in Wales. We must quickly put a halt to controversial Local Development Plans and introduce real community decision making.


⚠️ Tens of thousands of houses are being built on our green fields in Wales, often in areas that local people cannot afford

⚠️ Poor infrastructure means the LDPs lead to thousands of extra cars on roads and add severe pressure on existing infrastructure, leading to increased traffic and air pollution

⚠️ Plans are going ahead despite disapproval from the public 

⚠️ Expensive new housing being built are pricing local people out of their communities 

The WNP Pledge

✔️Community Sovereignty
✔️Campaign to Scrap the LDP
✔️Housing-first policy fit for Wales
✔️Fight for local referendums and true community decision making

Join WNP Leader, Neil McEvoy MS for the SCRAP LDPs online public meeting 

We can't have our meeting in person, so we have to find new ways to meet and listen to each other. We want to hear from you and take your questions – 

If you want to take part in or stay up to date with, the campaign to revoke the Local Development Plan (LDP) then take part in our town hall-style meeting on Zoom or watch live on Facebook.



  • June 16, 2020 at 7:00pm – 8pm
  • Zoom Meeting
  • 18 people are going
  • Welsh National Party
Nia Lloyd Dougie Grntles Verlie Thomas Geraint Hood Kieran Gething Lynda Pope Nichola Mcdonald Phil Evans Steve West Lufy Wj vicky moller Jennifer Thomas Alexander Torrance Max Wallis Christopher Wood

Will you come?