Save Cash

1.    We the undersigned note the:

(a)   idea of a cashless society is rapidly gaining traction, with more and more businesses now refusing cash. 

(b)  huge concerns this raises about the loss of privacy and ultimately control over our own spending habits. It would be easy for governments and corporations to firstly monitor and then control our financial activities. Privacy will be a thing of the past.

(c)   potential for widespread fraud and hacking. All our financial information and resource would be stored digitally only. This is dangerous and could lead to devastating financial losses for individuals and businesses alike.

(d)  likelihood that existing inequalities would be exacerbated. Not everyone has access to digital payment systems, which could leave marginalized communities behind. It could also disproportionately affect those who are unbanked or underbanked, such as the elderly or the homeless.

2.    Cash is fundamental to personal choice and liberty. If we don't use it, we will we lose it. The solution lies in the hands and wallets of each one of us. At the moment, each one of us has the power of being a consumer. We should use that power to support businesses who support cash.

3.    We call on the Welsh Government to:

(a)  put concrete measures in place to support cash businesses. The implementation of proactive incentives would go a long way towards stimulating local economies and rejuvenating our high streets. 

Please sign the petition to urge the Welsh Government to take immediate action to safeguard personal choice, privacy, and local economies.

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