Reclaim Bedwas Tip


Currently there is a proposal to “reclaim” Bedwas tips by the re-mining of the slag heaps by a private company. At Propel, Wales’ newest political party, we believe this is far from being in the public’s best interest due to the adverse effect, not only upon the beautiful Sirhowy Valley and surrounding areas, but also to the local economy and the health of its residents.

Wales is responsible for 40% of all slag heaps in the UK. If we allow Caerphilly County Borough Council to shrug-off its responsibility to an external company it sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of Wales. This is a National Issue.

The Sirhowy Vally is a site of importance for nature conservation. Local residents have become accustomed to its micro climate, this will all change with an extra 10 meters of slag proposed to be tipped on common land.

Studies by Asthma and Lung UK have found that the people of Merthyr are at the highest risk in Wales of respiratory disease, hospitalisation and even death because of the release of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, carbon dioxide, mercury and other heavy metals caused by the reclamation there. Will we be next?

At Propel we are passionate about nature and conservation.

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