Propel Councillors call for bonus payment to municipal work teams

Bonus Payment

The Propel Council Group has written to the Leader of Gwynedd Council calling for them to pay a bonus to municipal work teams, in line with other local authorities, in recognition for their work throughout the COVID crisis. The Plaid Cymru administration has decided against paying a bonus.

Group Leader Cllr Peter Read said:

“ While we were safely working from home, these lads were going out putting themselves at risk. Office staff working from home are receiving extra in their pay packets and it’s only fair that our municipal work teams staff are recognised also. I am sure that other staff would not begrudge this payment. It’s not really about the money, but the recognition. “

Deputy Leader of the Propel Group, Dylan Bullard said:

“ The front line staff and key workers deserve recognition for their valuable work. A little extra thank you from the Council on behalf of the people of Gwynedd would go a long way. Other key workers like carers have received much deserved bonuses and I want our staff to receive the same.

In a joint statement the Propel Wales Group said:

“ We are writing to the Council Leader to call on him to show his gratitude to staff by paying a bonus. In really a really tough time, our staff came through. We call on the Plaid Cymru Group to recognise this."