Pembrokeshire event reinforces potential of community activism

New Group Propel held its first public meeting last Monday, following its launch last month. The event was held in Narberth, Pembrokeshire and was a real success.

There were a range of people in attendance. This included a lot of new people, some who were not members of Plaid Cymru and others who felt motivated to re-join Plaid Cymru.

It was really positive to see so many people coming together to discuss ways forward for their community and their nation. These are the foundations in which Propel is built upon. The Group is a grassroots movement that campaigns for individual, community and national sovereignty.

The event was chaired by Gretta Marshall who spoke of her enthusiasm of the new Group Propel. She also touched upon her recent experiences of learning Welsh. She is a proud Welsh learner and wants Welsh culture to be celebrated and more widely promoted.

Local activists referenced housing as a particular issue in Pembrokeshire. Others were unhappy with the lack of public consultation in Welsh affairs. They talked about wanting the Welsh Government to connect more with people in Wales. This was evident with the campaign set-up to voice concerns of the potential closure of Withybush A&E.


The petition to save Withybush A&E and prevent the downgrade of the county hospital has since received over 22,000 signatures. It has since been accepted by the Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee to be debated. This is a phenomenal figure and result. It is what Propel aims to encourage. Local activism. People across Wales standing up for sovereignty on an individual, community and national level.

Independent Assembly Member for South Wales Central, Neil McEvoy spoke at the event. He was inspired by the campaign set-up by local residents. The Withybush campaign reminded him of the Rebecca Riots… he felt the sense of rebellion from activists who are standing up and not accepting the status quo. He is encouraging people to get involved with this group and make a difference.

New Group Propel will be visiting many places across Wales in the coming months. If you would like to see a Propel event in your area, please get in touch. The Group is happy to help local activists who feel like they’ve been forgotten, have a voice.

The next meeting will take place in Gwynedd on the 22nd June. It will be the first Propel meeting in the north of Wales. This will be a wonderful opportunity for local activists to come together and discuss their concerns. More information about this event can be found here: