Nuclear Mud Environmental Impact Assessment Must Be Independent

Following news that EDF has stated that they will carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment before carrying out any dumping of sediment from Hinkley Point nuclear power station, campaigners have expressed alarm at its lack of independence.

Neil McEvoy MS, Leader of Propel Wales said,

“Any assessment must be independent, Scientists who have raised concerns must be involved in the process. I have no confidence in anything EDF, Natural Resources Wales, or the Welsh Government do in relation to Hinkley's nuclear mud. It was the campaigners who proved that plutonium has leaked from Hinkley Point for decades, yet in 2018 NRW allowed 80,000 tonnes of the material was dumped on Wales without it being tested for plutonium. There are so many questions to answer. The assessment must be independent. Nothing else is acceptable.

Cllr Peter Read, the Chair of Pwllheli Marina said,

“ The whole of Wales wants assurances that any assessment undertaken can be trusted. If the mud is dumped,  it will be washed all around the Welsh coast. It must be thoroughly tested and we must have transparency. 780,000 tonnes of sediment is a huge amount to dig up and dump, I cannot understand why it has to be dumped on Wales. It is time the Labour Welsh Government started acting in our national interest.  

The row began in 2018, once it was revealed the Labour-led Government had approved plans for the dumping of 300,000 tonnes of sediment from outside the Hinkley Point nuclear station.

Professor Keith Barnham of Imperial College London and Richard Bramhall of the Low-Level Radiation Campaign set out their fears about any further dredging off the coast of Cardiff in May in a long discussion with Neil McEvoy MS here -