Elect Neil McEvoy 2024

Today, I am announcing that I will be standing as a Propel candidate for Cardiff West at the Westminster Election on 4 July.

I was born in Cardiff West, I grew up on the Fairwater estate in Cardiff West, I went to school in Cardiff West, I live in Cardiff West and I’m raising my family in Cardiff West. I am the only candidate on the ballot paper who can say this.

I am the strong, independent-minded local champion that Cardiff West needs. A local voice for local issues.

“They’re all the same”, is the most common response on the doorstep, and this is true. But in this election, you have a choice in Cardiff West.

A choice to vote for a candidate with a proud record of over 25 years in public service of our communities, an experienced, independent-minded representative who is not afraid to say it like it is, who will challenge injustice, speak out against corruption, and represent our community with every fibre of my being.

This is why Propel was born, to challenge the status quo of the establishment uni-parties. To offer a real political alternative. As we know, there is no strong opposition to the main political parties. We must be that opposition.

My contract with you, Cardiff West:

 - Be a strong advocate for protecting our freedoms and civil liberties: every country in the UK should have a constitution.

- Direct democracy: our community’s right to have its say on what goes on here; it happens in Switzerland, why not here: reinstate the local 

- Support a publicly owned housing company to build truly affordable housing to enable the young to buy a home

- Support women’s sex-based rights and protect children from dangerous gender ideology.

- Be a voice for the vaccine injured who are ignored and without compensation

Look at what is happening in Wales. Communities: we have lost our voice. Individuals: we are losing our freedoms and our rights.

Net Zero agenda, 20mph, a move to a cashless society, gender ideology. 15-minute neighbourhoods; the threats to our freedom are real. We no longer have complete freedom of expression, which our forefathers died on beaches for 80 years ago. 

We need to empower people and disempower politicians.

Politics feels like it is taking away from us by stealth, chipping away at our rights, our very existence. In contrast, it should be improving our lives, our communities, and our country. It’s time to put this right.

It’s time to say, enough. It’s time for the silent majority who don’t vote to stand up. The real power lies in those who have yet to use it, to realise that things don’t have to be like this.

We must push for real change: and we do that with ourselves, whether we decide to vote, and who to lend our vote to. We start at our feet, step by step, and rebuild our communities and our country. Change begins with us, you and me.

To change Wales, we must change.

The fear that if we do nothing, that we stand idly by, this world we know will be very different for our children. And this, I cannot do with good conscience.

I’ve been fighting for Cardiff West for over twenty-five years. Elect the strong local champion that Cardiff West needs.

Join your party, Propel, the people’s movement

Neil McEvoy

For a Free Wales



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