Propel, Wales’ newest political party, led by Cardiff Councillor Neil McEvoy sends its support and solidarity to all those attending today’s protest. Continue reading


PROPEL, Wales’ newest political party, has called a community meeting to be held at 6pm on Monday 26 February at the Piccadilly Inn, Caerphilly, in response to growing discontent about the proposed coal tip reclamation in the Sirhowy Valley. Continue reading

Reclaim Bedwas Tip

  Currently there is a proposal to “reclaim” Bedwas tips by the re-mining of the slag heaps by a private company. At Propel, Wales’ newest political party, we believe this is far from being in the public’s best interest due to the adverse effect, not only upon the beautiful Sirhowy Valley and surrounding areas, but also to the local economy and the health of its residents. Continue reading

Propel Supports Ceasefire in Gaza

Propel Leader Neil McEvoy said, "Thousands of children have been killed in Gaza and more will die unless there is an immediate cease fire and humanitarian operation to save lives.  Continue reading

FAIR PLAY FOR ELY petition presented at Cardiff Council meeting

PROPEL Councillor, Neil McEvoy, will present a petition supported by over 200 Ely residents at a full council meeting to be held tonight [Thursday 26 October], calling on Cardiff Council to refurbish the play area at Mill Park (Bowling Pavilion), on Plymouthwood Road and to allow staff to lock the gate for security of the children at the local nursery.  Continue reading


To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Propel has outlined its position on the need to safeguard women and girl’s rights. This includes supporting the principle of single sex spaces, the right to single sex sports to ensure fairness and safety at all levels of competition and the right to receive intimate services such as washing, dressing, and counselling delivered by women. This comes as the Labour Government in Wales recently unveiled plans to make it easier for someone to legally change their gender, similar to legislation recently put forward by the Scottish government. Continue reading

Cost of living crisis hits Wales hard

The cost of living crisis in Wales is a dire situation that is affecting the lives of many of our Welsh citizens. With the high cost of heating our homes and feeding our families, many individuals are struggling to make ends meet at the hands of the incumbent Welsh Labour government's mismanagement. The hardships that Welsh citizens are under are palpable, it is now time for a change. With massive supplies of natural gas not needing fracking in Wales, this crisis is unnecessary.Propel's political focus is empowering our Welsh nation through individual and community sovereignty. We are focused on building and delivering common sense political solutions that work for you, and work for Wales. Continue reading

The Propel Archives

For those discovering Propel for the first time, we are Wales' newest political party championing for the People of Wales. Over the past 2 years, the party has been working hard to make its presence known in Welsh politics. Going from strength to strength, we continue our journey to becoming a major political player in Wales. Every Thursday at 8pm, we will delve into the Propel archives on our Facebook page at and take a look back at some the parties highlights and political campaigns over the past 2 years. Continue reading

Join Propel 2023

We live in a time of great change and uncertainty, and it's more important than ever that we have a welsh political party that truly represents the people of Wales and fights for their interests. Continue reading

NHS Policy Suggestions

As the Welsh NHS struggles to meet the demands of a growing and ageing population, it has become clear that no single political party has been able to effectively address the challenges facing our public health service. From staffing shortages to funding constraints, the Welsh NHS is facing a range of issues that are putting patients at risk and undermining the ability of the service to provide high-quality care. Continue reading